Monthly archives: April, 2020

Protect Your Collection

Dragons Breath Security

Beck Antiques & Jewellery and the Beck group of companies use Dragon’s Breath Security for store security against robbery.  This invincible security technology is the only solution for high value collection protection.  Unfortunately everyone is getting robbed and if you don’t take action to protect yourself you will be very disappointed one day.  A home system is more expensive than a traditional security system.  The difference is that it actually offers protection.  Visit Dragons Breath Security for more information.

Enameled European Trade Token

This work of art is an excellent example of hand engraving and master enameling.  This trade token is a true work of art. The enameling is some of the finest I have ever seen.  The picture The “Madonna della sedia”, is a painting by Italian Renaissance artist Raphael Dating 1513 – 1514.  The original painting is in the Palazzo Pitti collection in Florence Italy.  It depicts Mary embracing the Christ child while the young John the Baptist devoutly watches.

Appraised Insurance Replacement $3,975.00 CAN