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Beck Numismatics and Rare Coin Dealers are experts at coin sales.  Helping you get the most value for your coins is our passion.  Most old coins have come sort of value.  This value is commonly precious metal value.  Canadian coins that are 1967 and older have silver content of 80%.  This means that coins will have a minimum value of the current market value of silver.  United States coins would be at 90% silver. United States coins need to be 1964 or older to have silver.  Numismatic coins are rare coins with collector value. Coins like this are sent to auction and can reach the hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars.

1931 MS64 Canadian .50 cent piece

Record Coin SalesRecord Coin Sale

Sold For $1880.00 US

1932 MS66 Canadian .50 piece

Record Coin SaleRecord Coin Sales

Sold For $19,975.00 US

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